Last Updated: 18th February 2021 is an online platform developed by Innovative Codes, the "Developer", that allows any business or individual to setup an e-commerce store easily, the "Platform".

This Privacy Policy describes how your information is collected, stored, shared and used when using the Platform.

The Platform is intended to be used by business or individuals looking to generate online retail, the "Site Owner", and also by the general public to make purchases from the Site Owner, here on after referenced as "End User". The Platform allows for Site Owners to create online "Stores", and collect various metrics about End Users to facilitate delivery of goods and payments against authentication.

By using the Platform or any Store which is running on top of the Platform, you are agreeing to this policy.

The Site Owner is responsible of any material or data the End User views, receives and interacts with. The Platform is responsible for the safe-keeping and processing of data collected about the End User. The Platform reserves the right to terminate any Site Owner without notice if, Site Owner is found misusing the Platform or the data made available through the Platform.

The Platform also reserves the right to terminate any Site Owner without notice if, the Site Owner is found to be breaking local or international law.

In addition to this privacy policy, each Site Owner might have an additional policy or codes of conduct which will apply to your use of the Store or Platform.


If you have questions about;

  • The Platform; contact Lifeboat or the Developer Innovative Codes
  • A specific Store; contact the Site Owner of that Store


I. What kinds of information is collected?

The Platform will collect the following kinds of information when it is being used:

  • Your browsing behaviour such as; Pages visited, duration of visit, browser used and device information. This information is collected in a pseudonymous fashion by Google Analytics and aggregated into various group and demographics.
  • Personally identifying information such as Name, Mailing Address & Email is collected against active consent such as; Account Creation, Order creation or mailing list subscription.
  • Social media public profiles when given consent for such as; signing up with social media
  • Billing information that you provide when performing orders on the Platform


II. How is the information used?

The Platform uses the information to verify End User identity, to block fraud and other malicious activity, whilst allowing access to segments of that data to the Site Owners, so that;

  • The Site Owner can improve the End User experience when using the Platform
  • The Site Owner can verify and fulfill orders created on the Platform


III. Disclosure of information

The Platform only discloses information to the following parties under the mentioned circumstances;

  • End User pseudonyms behavior analytics when the End User is interacting with the Site Owner's store
  • End User personal information to Site Owner when an order is created on the Site Owner's store or when End User actively discloses it such as signing up for mailing list
  • End User social media profiles with the Platform when End User actively grants access to, such as signing in with social media
  • The Platform to Third-party services to protect the safety of any End User or Site Owner against; Fraud, Security or Technical Issues
  • In connection with a subpoena, warrant, discovery order or other request or order from a law enforcement agency


IV. Accessing and modifying your information

The Platform allows for most of the data to be viewed and modifying directly in the Platform, when this is not possible you should contact the Platform Developer or the Site Owner to provide access or amend such information.


V. Cookies

The Platform uses cookies to;

  • Validate legitimacy of actions performed on the Platform by the End User or the Site Owner
  • Facilitate use of the Platform

Cookies used by the platform, are stored on the device which interacted with the Platform, and do not include personal information. Third-party services mentioned under "VI. Third-party data and content" might also use cookies to perform tasks, relevant to their service. Such cookies cannot be controlled by; the Platform, Developer or Site Owner, thus it is recommended to read their respective cookie policies.


VI. Third-party data and content

The Platform makes use of the following third-party services;

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel
  • Facebook Apps
  • Google Login
  • Google Re-captcha
  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Each of which may collect anonymous and personal information respectively which neither the Site Owner, Platform or Developer can control. You should read each of the services' privacy policy when opting in to use their services.


VIII. Data Transmission & Storage

All the data collected by the Platform, is stored in secure machines provided by Amazon Web Services, in different geographical location, for redundancy and data security. Such data can only be accessed by the Platform and Amazon Web Services. All communications with the Platform is encrypted, for the security of the Platform and users.


IX. Account Closure

You should contact the Platform or the Site Owner to terminate the account. In some cases, your data might still need to be kept on record for legal purposes such as TAX laws. In such cases the Site Owner should notify you on the procedure required.


X. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. The "last updated" date shown at the top of the page reflects the date of when this policy was last updated.


XI. Contact

For questions regarding;


Data Protection Officer

Dylan Grech
Email: [email protected]