Creating a Product


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Products interface can be accessed from Products


Creating a product

  1. Open Products
  2. Click on + Add Product
  3. Enter a Product Name
  4. Specify a Price


    Price should be Exclusive of Taxes, shipping and handling charges

  5. Upload an Image
    Consult with your theme documentation for the best image size
  6. Click Save


Optional fields to consider

A short description of your product, typically containing the main features of your product.

A unique identifier sometimes referred to as barcode number.

Product Type
The category of this product.

The brand that created this product.

Discounted Price
The currently reduced selling price as compared to the price specified. Same as price this should be exclusive of taxes, shipping and handling charges.

The condition of this product; New, Used or Refurbished.

An in-depth description of this product.


More than 1 description can be added.

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