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Lifeboat is a comprehensive and holistic web platform that gives the opportunity to individuals and businesses to set up their online store without going in the trouble of building their bespoke system.

We provide all the tools needed to have a fully branded store front, through a powerful content management system, product management systems and other infrastructure which will allow a rapid scalability.

We use services only from the best, that's why we opted to use internet giants such as Amazon, Google & Cloudflare to ensure that not only your store can keep up with any traffic spikes but also keep growing with you long-term.

What is Lifeboat?
How does lifeboat work


Once you signup for a Lifeboat web store, we spin up your own dedicated website. With that comes your personalised login and a set of pre-configured settings to get you started selling online immediately.

As you login into your web store you can:

  • Upload your products
  • Customise the look and feel
  • Setup tracking tools
  • Connect mailing providers
This is all done through a very easy-to-use content management system.

Every change you make is stored in your dedicated storage and database systems. We not only use the best providers for this infrastructure but also guarantee complete isolation for each Lifeboat store. This provides the maximum peace of mind as it gives you full control on your data whilst still providing you unmatched scaling opportunities.

Every online shop powered by Lifeboat also comes ready to go for larger businesses that might have a dedicated SEO, design and sales teams. Since Lifeboat is a platform, any team member can login and optimise your store in their respective areas, using industry standard tools and very powerful analytics.

Pricing plans

Extensive functionality, affordable pricing

All the necessary features for a growing business to drive online sales and grow their online presence
Plugin any domain
Online Store
Includes e-shop, blog & contact pages
Storage 40GB
User Accounts
Allows your customers to have an account to be able to reuse shipping details, credit card info and also access their cart and wish list through multiple devices
Spam Blocker
Block spam from your contact forms with Google Re-Captcha
Site Analytics
Collect traffic and audience information about your visitors through Google Analytics
Allow customers to opt-in your newsletter using Mailchimp
Google Login
Allows customers to register and login with Google
Facebook Login
Allows customers to register and login with Facebook
Discount Codes & Gift Cards
Offline Payments
Your customers can pay for their orders upon delivery
Allows your customers to checkout with PayPal
Credit Card Payments
Allows your customers to checkout with a credit card
€59.99 / month

€49.99 / month

When paid annually


Having an online store just got much easier!

We understand that even with the most easy-to-use system in the world, sometimes businesses and individuals will still prefer a fully ready made website and just manage back office.

For that reason we came up with Lifeboat Plus! We'll sit down with you, gather all the necessary information and then our team of professional marketeers will make sure to produce the best looking and most efficient website for your business.

We'll take care of;

  • Product Data Entry
  • Initial Marketing
  • Analytics Setup & Reports
  • Payment Gateway Setup


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What is Lifeboat?

Frequently asked questions

It's 2020 come on, of couse you can sell internationally. Lifeboat allows you to enter Tax and shipping configuration to charge accordingly. And as a kicker, if you're operating in the EU, you can also supply configurations for B2B Tax calculations.

Not yet :(
We have a legal team that is hard at work to iron out all the requirements, but realistically it will be a while until we can issue fiscal receipts.

Yes! Discounts can be easily created and managed through our admin interface, with targeting down to states, order values, ...
Discounts can also be applied as a flat amount, percentage based or even on the shipping costs.
P.S. If you're running a juicy discount please do reach out, we love to share this sort of thing.

NO! We're here to disrupt the market and we believe our prices reflect that. We're also heavily firm on the idea of giving you all the necessary features to run an online business out the gates.

We strongly believe in our product, therefore our contracts are only for 1-month(€59.99/month) / 1-year terms(€49.99/month). If you would like to end your subscription simply email us 30 days prior to the current term end date and we'll stop charging your account.

Yes, Lifeboat offers a vast array of tools to optimise the rankings of your store through; Meta Data, Sitemaps, Robots, ...

Manuals? really? But it's so easy to use! Oh well, good thing that our team is writing them up and making tutoril videos then. We'll have them posted on the site once they are ready.

Well, we can't promise that it will run on that old Atari console you have in the basement, but pretty much else everything else is covered.

We use the AWS infrastructure to host your lifeboat store, either plan you opt for our servers will scale to the demand required. For this reason we can guarantee 99.99% up-time.

On the topic of data security, we understand that dealing with online transactions can be scary, that is why each online store is hosted completely separate from other stores, with each store having redundant backups provided by AWS, and on top of that we take a full backup twice a day.

All databases and file storage systems are also protected by multiple firewalls and other technologies to keep curious eyes out.

Yes, Lifeboat came to be from two companies which focus on tech and marketing respectively.

Therefore be it logo design, branding, integration to POS systems, etc... we're sure to have you covered in 1 way or another.

For such services we do however recommend to contact us directly to get a better understanding of your needs on: [email protected]

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