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Lifeboat Features - Online store front & customisation options


Customisable Themes

Choose from a constantly growing list of themes and customise it to best suit your brand.


Brand your store with logos, colours and other media to make your store pop out.

Mobile First

All themes and functionality are developed with mobile devices in mind. Every theme and functionality is ready-made to work on any device small or large.

Performance & UX

Every theme is built using the latest technology and best practices for; performance and accessibility.


Your lifeboat e-commerce site comes with a blog built-in. Create articles, start discussions, moderate comments and increase web presence with your Lifeboat Blog.

Edit your store from anywhere

Your Lifeboat store is hosted by us, using leading hosting providers and comes ready with, a powerful CMS (Content Management System) to edit your online store, from anywhere in the world.

Lifeboat Features - Product & Stock control

Products & Stock

Stock Management

Keep track of product stock count in Lifeboat, and automatically stop selling when stock runs out.

Product Variants

Offer different variants of your products. Each product can have up to 3 categories of variations (size, colour, fit, material,...).


Organise products by category, type, season, region, and more. Apply different discounts and layout styling to each collection.

Unlimited Products

An unlimited number of products can be created and sold through lifeboat.

Multiple Images

Upload multiple images of your products, to show off your products and increase sales.

Search data & filters

Specify how your products are searched for in your store; colour, size, weight, vendor...

Description Editor

Style the description of your products with a powerful yet simple to use editor, create multiple descriptions and even use basic HTML coding.

SEO Meta Data

Specify Meta Title, Description, URL & other meta tags to improve the ranking of your products on search engines, and increasing click-through rate.

Lifeboat Features - Checkout, Orders & Fulfillment

Checkout, Orders & Fulfillment

Integrate the payment providers of your choice

Choose from a constantly growing list of available payment providers, to receive payments from. All available to use directly through their APIs.


Specify the tax rates that apply for your products, with options per geographical locations and even distinction between B2B and B2C sales.

Order fulfilment

Pack and track the orders submitted through your Lifeboat store. Choose the appropriate packing and keep track of the costs and delivery status of each order.

Track Open Orders

Keep track of all active orders, even before they are submitted and prepare for spikes in sales before they happen.

Lifeboat Features - Shipping & Deliveries

Shipping & Deliveries

Customisable Rates

Define different rates for products or group of products, based on shipping destination areas and shipping provider selected.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Specify shipping & handling charges on a product, collection, order level, or a combination, down to geographical region (states).

Shipping Providers

Your Lifeboat store comes ready to support shipping through leading providers such as; DHL, UPS, FedEx, ... with the option to add more. Use the providers of your choice to fulfil orders.

Multi-Provider Support

Your Lifeboat store allows you to specify multiple shipping providers, using different rates and fulfilment areas, giving your end-customer the flexibility to use the provider of their choice for each product ordered.

Lifeboat Features - Discounts & Loyalty Program

Discount & Loyalty

Fixed/Flexible Rate Discounts

Your Lifeboat store enables you to issue; fixed-rate or percentage-based discounts, when the order or customer meets your criteria of choice.

Shipping Discount

Deduct a percentage from the shipping cost, when an order or customer meets qualifying criteria.

Discount Codes

Issue discount codes with your Lifeboat store to drive more sales. Discount codes can also be used in conjunction with other available discounts.

Restrict Discount Usage

Specify the eligibility criteria of your discount; returning customer, shipping to a certain region, run on a schedule, etc...

Loyalty Points

Allow your customers to collect loyalty points when they create an account, subscribe, make a purchase, and more.

Discounts by Loyalty

Engage repeat customers by allowing them to spend their loyalty points on your online shop, or provide additional discounts at various point levels.

Brandable Points

Rename your point system to match your brand image, and better engage with your customers.

Lifeboat Features - E-commerce web hosting service


Included Hosting

Your lifeboat store hosting is included in all the price plans, backed by AWS (Amazon Web Services), offering peace of mind that, it will automatically scale to your requirements.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your Lifeboat store will not be restricted, throttled or charged based on the number of visitors or traffic.

SSL Protected

Each page and asset on your online store is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate, to keep your data and customer data secure. Certificates are also automatically renewed so you never need to worry about it.

Automatic Updates

All updates are automatically applied to your online store. Completely hassle-free.

Lifeboat Features - SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO & Marketing

Search Engine Optimised

Increase Search Engine rankings and click-through rate with customisable; Heading, Meta Tags, URLs and Title tags. All lifeboat stores are also optimised for performance and usability to push you above your competition.

Automatic Sitemap

All your product listings, collections, blog and other pages are automatically listed, in a sitemap.xml file to help search engines find the pages on your online shop.

Automated Microdata

Lifeboat automatically adds Microdata to your pages, to increase social engagement and search engine clickthrough-rate.

Sell on Facebook & Instagram

The products on your Lifeboat store can be automatically synced to Facebook & Instagram, to generate social reach and sales.

Logo & Colour Schemes

Use your logo and brand colour schemes on your online store to make it truly stand out.

Social Media

Add all your social media pages to your store to stay connected with your community; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest...

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