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Lifeboat's Blog
Support for Google Maps is out! 30 Jul 2021 #news

You can now embed a Google Map on your Lifeboat online store. It's easier than you think.

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Nitro Boost Project - Stage 2 & 3 29 Jul 2021 #news #Dev

Nitro Boost Project Stages 2 and 3 are out! Making Lifeboat one of the fastest e-commerce platforms available!

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Lifeboat x Skrill 18 Jul 2021 #news #Dev

We’ve integrated with Skrill to provide you with over 100 local payment methods in more than 40 currencies.

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5 Good Habits for Entrepreneurs 14 Jul 2021 #inspiration #education

If you're an entrepreneur running an online business, growth should be on your daily agenda. In this article, we'll share 5 great habits to keep growing your business without overwhelming yourself.

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Nitro Boost Project - Stage 1 11 Jul 2021 #Dev #news

Nitro Boost Project Stage #1 is out! Improving the performance of Lifeboat online shops by more than 300%!

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10 Famous Logo & Fun Facts 25 Jun 2021 #inspiration

We see some of these brand logos every day, but did you know where they originated from? They all seem to share something we didn't expect.

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8 Most important KPIs for e-commerce store owners 25 Jun 2021 #education #marketing

The 8 KPIs every e-commerce store owner should be monitoring, and improving on constantly.

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What is Google Adsense? 25 Jun 2021 #education

If you're looking to generate an additional revenue stream from your website, Google AdSense might be the right move for you.

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What is brand image and why does it matter? 25 Jun 2021 #education #marketing

Ever heard of Google, Pepsi... These are all brands one can get behind because of their excellent image. So why is it important for an e-commerce site?

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What is a marketing funnel and how does it work? 25 Jun 2021 #marketing #education

What is a marketing funnel work? Does it have an impact on online sales? Does an e-commerce site need one?

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