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Lifeboat's Blog
Automatic Purchase Orders are coming! 24 Oct 2021 #news

Are you tired of manually placing orders with your suppliers? Wouldn't it be better if Lifeboat could automate this process for you? Read on to find out, what we are doing about it.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Is Your Store Ready? 21 Sep 2021 #marketing #education

Are you ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Friday 26th November is quickly approaching! In this post, we go over 10 tips to maximise sales on Black Friday.

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Combating the rise in ad costs 30 Aug 2021 #marketing

Ad costs are skyrocketing. An alternative needs to be found, and we might just have the solution. Read till the end for the solution.

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The Full guide to Shipping & Handling Pricing 26 Aug 2021 #education

Unsure how much to charge for Shipping & Handling? In this article, we break down the formula to pricing, common pitfalls, and how to configure the prices in Lifeboat.

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Retargeting - A consistent way of getting qualified leads and increase brand awarness 23 Aug 2021 #marketing #education

Retargeting is by far the most powerful digital marketing technique of 2021. In this article, we address, the how, why, and when to use retargeting.

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What makes the perfect E-commerce Design? 21 Aug 2021 #education #design #marketing

What makes up the perfect online shop design? How to validate the perfect design? A deep dive into the perfect online shop design.

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3D Models in E-commerce 21 Aug 2021 #education #marketing

Amazon, Google, and Apple product launches feature 3D models. Why is that? Are 3D Models going to be the norm in all product listings?

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How to get more eyeballs on your Facebook posts 10 Aug 2021 #education #marketing

What makes a great Facebook post? How to get as many post views as possible? We'll deep dive into what we do to get a 10x distribution score.

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Support for Google Maps is out! 30 Jul 2021 #news

You can now embed a Google Map on your Lifeboat online store. It's easier than you think.

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Nitro Boost Project - Stage 2 & 3 29 Jul 2021 #news #Dev

Nitro Boost Project Stages 2 and 3 are out! Making Lifeboat one of the fastest e-commerce platforms available!

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