Lifeboat Terms of Use

Last Updated: 1st November 2021


Lifeboat.app is an online platform that allows any business or individual to set up an e-commerce store easily, the "Platform". 

This document describes the Platform's obligations, responsibilities, and restrictions. Every individual or company that has an active account referred to as the "Client" with the Platform must adhere to these terms.


Use of the platform

The client is provided with the ability to use the platform as a marketing and sales tool for their products and services. The platform, in turn, provides regular maintenance, upgrades, and tests to ensure that the client has all the tools necessary to perform marketing and sales within its capacity. The platform also conducts routine checks to its system to ensure the best possible uptime and the least possible interruptions to its services, within its operating capacity.

The client can perform changes and updates to all the material uploaded via the platform to maintain an updated presence online and generate sales.


The platform's commitment

The platform and its staff commit to providing the best possible service to its clients and promise to treat all the clients equally to it's best of its ability.

The platform does not commit to generating sales on behalf of the client but provides the means for the client to generate sales.

The platform also commits to its systems to comply with all legal obligations in relation to marketing and sales, by means of;

  • Routine security checks
  • Routine maintenance
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Financial due diligence

The platform also commits to regularly issues updates to provide its client with the best competitive edge, within its capacity to do so.



Lifeboat provides its full feature set (feature list) and access to its support team to every subscribed member. On the first day of each month, the total usage is calculated and an invoice is issued within 1-3 working days.


Trial period

The platform may offer a trial period to the client, such trial period may change in length at the platform's discretion. The platform is not required to provide a trial period. During the term of the trial, the usage is considered nill.


Payment Terms

Invoices need to be settled within 5 days of the date issued. The platform provides means of rectification for 30 days, with restrictions that may be applied by the platform at its discretion. If payment is not made within 30 days of the invoice date, the platform reserves the right to terminate the service and shut down all the services to the client, with it also deleting any client data from its systems, unless required to be withheld by law.



The client has the right to cancel the subscription at any point in time. The platform is required to keep providing its services for the full duration of the paid term and is not to issue any future invoices or charge the client if the client has ended their subscription.



The client has the right to re-activate their subscription if the termination has been issued by mistake or otherwise stated by the client. The re-activation can only occur in the case of a termination being issued during a paid billing cycle. Re-activation of terminated subscriptions that have elapsed their billing cycle is not possible.



The platform is required to provide service for the full duration of the paid billing cycle, however, it does not issue refunds, credit notes, or other claimable credits to its clients, unless otherwise stated explicitly by the platform, or required to do so by law.


Selling or Promotion of illegal goods 

The platform does not allow the promotion or sales of illegal goods, within the operating jurisdiction of the platform and the operating jurisdiction of the client. Any client that attempts to perform sales or promotion of illegal goods using the platform will have his/her/their account terminated immediately. The platform also reserves the right to report such activities to local or international enforcement agencies at its discretion without prior notice to the client.

These items could include but are not limited to:

  • Pornographic material
  • Guns & Ammunition
  • Unlicensed sales of alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Human Trafficking
  • Stolen goods



All clients of the platform are obliged to fulfil their orders as defined by their own policies.
Refunds, disputes, returned goods, and other complaints towards the client brought forward by their customers are to be addressed by the client. The platform or other affiliated entities shall not interfere in such discussions and/or disputes.

The platform reserves the right to terminate its services to the client at its discretion if the client is found to be performing actions to the detriment of the platform's, or affiliate's reputation.


Content in Lifeboat

Content entered by the client

All content entered into the platform is the client's property. The platform does not claim the right to this content.

Such content should however be legally obtained or created by the client. If the client is found in breach of copyright law, the platform reserves the right to delete such content from its systems and also reserves the right to contact the copyright holder of its existence.


Content generated by Lifeboat

All content generated by Lifeboat is Lifeboat's property and may be shared with the client at the platform's discretion. This could include but is not limited to;

  • Sales reports
  • Marketing data
  • Imagery and designs


Third-party content

The platform offers options for the client to use third-party content on the platform. Lifeboat does not claim ownership or responsibility for this content. Such content obligations are to be settled with the provider of the mentioned content. Lifeboat permits the use of this content on its platform as long it's legally obtained and copyright laws are being observed. In the case of third-party content being used on the platform is found in breach of copyright or other laws, the platform reserves the right to remove such content and contact the copyright holder of it's existence.


Invoicing & Pricing Information

All pricing information shown on the platform is a result of data entry by the merchants, therefore the platform may not be held accountable, nor responsible for incorrectly priced items, price fluctuations, or other immoral practices which may be done by the merchant. The platform however commits to showing all the relevant pricing information as supplied by the merchant, in accordance with international consumer laws. Pricing information on an online store created using Lifeboat is always presented in the currency selected by the merchant. The platform also enables merchants to use third-party payment processors which may offer currency conversion during checkout. Conversions are thus a responsibility of the payment processor, and the platform may not be held accountable, nor responsible for incorrectly converted prices, or additional charges the provider may impose to convert and/or process the payment.

The platform issues order sheets on the commitment of purchases and also offers the option to issue invoices. The platform commits to ensuring compliance with international law in regards to issuing such documents to its best ability. However, the merchant is responsible to confirm that the documents issued are in line with its operating jurisdictions. The platform may not be held accountable, nor responsible for misuse of the issued documents, and/or their compliance validity. It is the merchant's responsibility to verify the format, and validity of such document with its operating jurisdiction. If a merchant is suspected or found guilty of misusing documents issued by the platform, the platform reserves the right to terminate the merchant subscription without prior warning, and notify the relevant authorities.


Modification of data

Order information that is still marked as "open" may be altered by the customer, and/or the merchant at their discretion. The merchant should always verify that any modifications done to any open order are fully understood, and confirmed by the customer. If a merchant is found to be tampering with open orders, with the intention of misleading customers, the platform reserves the right to terminate any active subscription held by the merchant without prior notice.


Deletion of data

The platform does not allow for order information to be deleted, once an order has been confirmed while a subscription is active, to ensure compliance with international tax laws. In the instance of a subscription is terminated, the merchant is given 30 days to retrieve any information that may be relevant for its operating jurisdiction. After 30-days of cancelling a subscription, all the data is permanently deleted from the platforms' systems. The platform may not be held accountable nor responsible for loss of data, from the 31st day after a subscription is cancelled.


Issue of fiscal receipts

The platform does not provide the option or functionality to issue fiscal receipts, and thus the merchant may not use the documents issued by the platform as fiscal receipts. In the instance where a merchant is suspected or found guilty of misusing documents issued by the platform, the platform reserves the right to terminate any active subscription by the merchant without prior notice.


User rights

Any user making use of a website built using Lifeboat, that suspects misuse of the platform, and/or suspects a merchant is performing illegal or immortal acts through the use of the platform, may contact the platform on [email protected]. The platform commits to keeping any provided information strictly confidential, and shall only disclose names or other personal information if requested to do so by law. The platform also commits to act within its full capacity, to stop any immoral or illegal actions performed on its systems.


Data access

The platform reserves the right to access all of its client's data in any format at its discretion to verify no illegal activity or other actions that could breach this document is being conducted. The platform and affiliates are not allowed to affect any changes or modifications to the client's data unless so requested by the client or law.

This refers to and is not limited to;

  • Client's personal information provided to the platform, and affiliates
  • Client's online shop, and marketing information provided to the platform, and affiliates
  • Client's sales recorded that are accessible on the platform


Problems and Disagreements

By law, the client has the right to a certain level of quality provided by the platform and ways to fix the problems in case things go wrong. These terms do not limit or take away those rights. These terms are aimed to clarify the obligations and restrictions applied by the platform towards the client.

In the case of disagreement with this document, or problems encountered whilst using the platform, please refer to our support channels linked below.

Contact Support


Policy updates

The platform reserve the right to update this policy at its discretion.

Notice of updates or changes to this policy will be emailed to all active clients and will be made publicly available on the platform's website, with its most recent change or update date displayed at the beginning of this document.

All changes and updates to this document are to be deemed in effect as from the date shown on this document.