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Introduction of GeoIP

Since the first version of Lifeboat, we had a task in our backlog "Implement GeoLocation". This task kept getting pushed back until today for various reasons. It is with great pleasure that this task has been picked up by one of our most senior developers and it opens the doors to so many new features!


What is GeoIP?

GeoIP is a technique used by many developers to determine the approximate location of a user based on their IP.


Why is it such a big deal?

To start off, by knowing the user location we were able to automate some data entry and thus will in turn increase data accuracy and conversions. To mention a few, we now guess with relative accuracy;

  • The user's country
  • The user's region/subdivision

These 2 fields were particularly a pain point when checking out on mobile since the lists are so long.


But the above is only scratching the surface of what can be done through this technology. In the coming months, we can look at "product localisation" (show products that are relevant to the user's current location). We can also explore the opportunity of pre-calculating the shipping costs of a product before the user reaches the checkout, and so much more!