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Major Release: Machine Learning Search

As of today, your store search leverages the power of machine learning!


What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a technique used in software where a piece of code learns from data and patterns, to provide insights and make predictions.


How do Lifeboat sites leverage machine learning?

There are a few things that your Lifeboat site is going to start doing;

  • Analyse user searches
    This is done so Lifeboat learns what users are looking for and then look at what they click on. Thanks to this pattern analysis, your site will "learn" to connect search phrases such as; "leather bags" and "leather handbags"

  •  Analyse page views
    Lifeboat will start looking at which products users view and in which sequence. This enables Lifeboat to "learn" what products your users are interested in seeing in sections such as; "You may also like" and "Other people viewed". This also enables Lifeboat to understand which products to show first in the search results.

  • Analyse sales
    This is probably the most powerful of all techniques however, it's the slowest to "train". Lifeboat will now look at what your customers are buying together and enable the use of sections such as; "People also bought" and "Typically bought together". These recommendation systems have increased Amazon's sales by 40% since they launched a similar system.

  • Analyse stock
    Finally, Lifeboat will now look into your stock level and automatically prioritise products that are in stock in both search results and automated collections. This technique has been proven by large merchants to increase conversion and sales.