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Product Import Updates

Up till today, it was impossible to import product images during the product import process for various reasons. This has now been updated and a few other key elements have now been updated.


  • Product Images
    In the import screen, you'll now see an option called "Media". This should be a comma-separated list of URLs where to pull images from. In turn, the import function will fetch the images from the supplied URLs and attach them to the imported product.

  • Supplier SKU
    Supplier SKU can now also be imported

  • Tags
    Product tags can now also be imported. This field expects a comma-separated list of tags.

  • Cost of Goods
    Cost of goods can now also be imported.

  • Product Type
    Product type can now be imported. The name of the product type can be used here, the import function will automatically match it to the correct type.

  • Other Fixes
    • Tax Code - Now correctly loads the tax code selected by name
    • Shipping Class - Now correctly loads the shipping class selected by name