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Refund/Void Orders

Did you ever run into a situation where you had to issue a refund?
It happens to the best of us however, up till today, there was no way to label these orders. 


From this release, you'll notice 2 new buttons show up on the order screen which will allow you to void or refund that order.

NOTE This feature does not issue a refund to the customer. You still need to do that through your payment provider.


Voided Order - Lifeboat Admin


Voiding an order - Lifeboat Admin


Voiding / Refunding an Order

When you click the void or refund button respectively you'll get a similar screen to the above.

  1. Enter a reason why you're performing this action
    This is required whenever voiding or refunding an order
  2. Select if you want to restock
    If ticked, all the items in that order will go back to your inventory as if the transaction never happened


Voiding / Refunding an order is non-reversible.