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Shipping Providers Advanced Settings

In the Shipping Providers interface you'll find a new section; Advanced Settings


In this section you can enable 2 new options;

  • Is Local Courier?
    When enabled this shipping provider acts as a courier, meaning, the customer will be asked to enter the location on a map and the order will be treated as a delivery.

  • Apply Flat Rates?
    When enabled, the shipping cost is no longer calculated on a product basis but rather on a rate basis. Similar to delivery rates, Lifeboat will try to group the order into groups and only charge once for each combination of; Zone, Provider & Shipping Class rather than charge once for every product in the cart.


Example of Flat Rates

Assume we have 3 products in our cart;

  • 2 products use Shipping Class A
  • 1 product uses Shipping Class B

 Assume we charge;

  • €5 for Shipping Class A
  • €7 for Shipping Class B


If Flat Rates are disabled: €5 x 2 & €7 x 1 = €17
If Flat Rates are enabled: €5 x 1 & €7 x 1 = €12