Lifeboat Releases
What Changed?

Stay updates with the latest changes to Lifeboat ecommerce platform.

Update Profile Dashboard

  • Staff Members
    Through your profile settings on accounts.lifeboat.app/profile/edit you can now specify additional users to access your store. 
    Note: If the user you invite does not have a Lifeboat account, an email will be sent to them to create an account. The invitation expires after 7 days.

  • Consolidated Payment Methods
    If you have multiple Lifeboat stores you no longer need to specify payment methods for each. All your payment methods are now grouped under your profile settings.

  • Improved Billing Information
    The next time you log in to your Lifeboat profile a notification will popup to specify your complete billing details. This additional information is needed to verify your identity in case of account loss.

  • Updated Profile
    Your Lifeboat profile now includes more granular details about your stores, staff, and API keys.