The importance of good metadata

What is metadata? Why does it matter? How to use it to improve your rankings? We explore this and more in this blog post.

If you’re trying to improve your website’s SEO, then it’s a very good idea to think about metadata and meta tags. These are very important for your website because they show search engines what your website is about. It’s the first point of contact and impression for your leads when they find you on search engines.


What is a meta description or meta tag?

The meta description is an attribute found within the meta tags. Its main focus is to describe your page. This is the snippet of information that appears in the search results under your headline. As a result, it’s a very important piece of information, because this is the first way people interact with you. Ideally, your metadata should include keywords that make it easy to find your website.

It helps with e-commerce SEO, and it also appears more appealing to your potential users, which means it’s the best of both worlds. Completing the meta description and meta title is simple if you use Lifeboat, since these fields can be configured for every page on your website.

Preview of SEO Metadata options in the Lifeboat Admin Interface

These options can be found on the right sidebar of every page, in the Lifeboat Admin Interface.

How long does the meta description need to be?

According to Google, you should have a meta description of up to 275 characters. So it doesn’t have to be too long, it’s the content that matters here and the value that you provide through it.

Tidbit: Initially, the character count was 160, but it was increased in 2017.


How can meta descriptions and titles matter?

These have a major impact on your SEO efforts. On top of that, they are known to increase your click-through rate. This leads to more sales in the long run. You can see the meta title and description as an organic text ad. People can be enticed by it and they will click to learn more, which is where you come into play.

A good, compelling, and professional meta description will encourage people to click on your website. It delivers a sense of legitimacy, and the experience itself can be nothing short of staggering. This can also assure you that you’re getting more traffic. But the best part is that you can convert more of your traffic.


Writing better meta descriptions and titles

Make sure that you perform keyword research and use the most important keywords in your title and description. Keywords need to be relevant to the page, as you can imagine. You should always try to communicate benefits and a sense of urgency. In addition, you want to compel users to click by appealing to their emotions and showing them value.



At the end of the day, good metadata, titles, and descriptions can help your website grow, reach new clients, and rank higher in search engine results. It’s an amazing SEO tool that you need to focus on, and it will make a huge difference. We recommend you start improving your meta description and titles today. You will soon notice that your website ranks higher and you’re getting more traffic if everything is done properly!


Bonus Tip

You can track the changes in your ranking by using Google Search Console. A free tool by Google.

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