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Local Delivery & Local Pickup

As briefly described in the release notes related to locations Lifeboat now natively supports Local Delivery & Local Pickup.

These options ensure that you no longer need to hack your way through fulfilment options to offer Local Delivery & Local Pickup.


Local Delivery

When configuring Local Delivery, you will be asked to mark the location of your store/warehouse/outlet on a map. From here you can define a delivery radius and also specify the delivery charges based on the customer checkout value.

When customers use the Local Delivery option they will be required to also pin their location on a map, then Lifeboat will ensure that the customer delivery position is within the delivery radius of your store/warehouse/outlet. 

Once checkout is completed with the local delivery option, Lifeboat will provide you with an optimised route to pick up the item/s and deliver it to your customer.

Note: This feature also supports pickup from multiple locations meaning, if the customer orders 2 products and these exist in 2 different locations yet they both can fulfil this order (overlapping delivery radius), the order will go through charging the customer for each delivery and combining the routes.


Local Pickup

If you enable Local Pickup from a location, you are required to enter the full address of that location. This address is going to be visible to the customers during checkout.

Once a customer creates an order using the Local Pickup option, they are given a map of your location including a route from their current location.


Orders Dashboard

The orders dashboard has been split up into 3 to accommodate these changes. You may view; All Orders, Delivery Orders or Pickup Orders independently.



When you update the state of an order the customer is notified automatically via email. If the order was a local delivery order, the customer will receive an "Out for delivery" notification whilst, if the order was a local pickup, the customer will receive an "Order is ready for pickup" notification.