10 Famous Logo & Fun Facts

We see some of these brand logos every day, but did you know where they originated from? They all seem to share something we didn't expect.

Logos are important for business and you always want to ensure that you push things to new heights while also reminding customers about your brand. There are many iconic brands that you can easily remember from the logo alone. That’s the true power of having a logo and using it properly, so use that to your advantage, and you will be very happy with the results and the way it all comes together.


Apple Logo 


The reason why there’s an apple bite in the Apple logo is that the fruit itself can be confused with others, so they decided to have that bite as a differentiating factor. And it works very well, which is exactly the thing to take into consideration.


Wikipedia Logo 


Wikipedia’s logo has a lot of puzzle pieces. These are a sign of multilingualism, with every piece showing all the languages that add up to create the entire globe.


Android Logo 


Believe it or not, the Android logo was inspired by the symbols we see in bathrooms. It’s a robot version of those bathroom signs, and it’s something that didn’t evolve that much over the years.


McDonalds Logo 


It’s important to note that the McDonalds logo arch is not just an M. Instead, it also resembles the female breasts, which arouses appetite. This is something they thought of to generate more sales, and it works for them.




Their logo was inspired by a myth. That’s the fairy Melusine, which is a woman-fish that has 2 tails, and she married a mortal. Initially, the entire picture of Melusine was found on the Starbucks cups, yet they censored later on.


Pinterest Logo 


Pinterest’s “P” from their logo resembles a pin. This is important to note because the platform requires you to pin pictures to walls. It’s an electronic version of that, but it’s showing the true purpose of the website, which is great.


Pepsi Logo 


The logo was created with the idea that it has the golden ratio which makes it appealing to the human eye. It’s an important thing to take into consideration, and the experience itself is nothing short of amazing.


Nike Logo 


Nike’s logo cost just $35 to make, and it was created by a student. The swoosh is a wing of Nike, which is the goddess of victory.


Uber Logo 


Uber’s logo is combining information or atoms. It shows that the world is connected and that their cars can be found anywhere in the world, just like you would find atoms.


BMW Logo 


Their logo is representing the colours of Bavaria. Initially, people thought the logo was showcasing an aeroplane propeller, but that’s not the case.



As you can see, there are many incredible things to note about logos, the way they were created and their meaning. In the end, it shows how incredible logos can be and how they are still generating a lot of buzz for their businesses. That alone is what matters, to create a logo that makes a huge impact, and these certainly do so!

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