6 Tips to choosing a business name

One of the first and hardest decisions you'll make is your business name. In the short article, we go over 6 tips to help you make the right decision.

When you start an online business, either if you're creating business from home or aiming to create a global brand, one of the most important things to focus on is the business name. Making sure that you find an appealing, comprehensive name can make quite the difference. It helps with branding, and you get to connect with customers a lot easier. With that in mind, here you have a list of tips and tricks that will help you find the right business name.


1. Keep it short and simple

You want a business name that’s very simple and easy to remember. You can easily remember a name with 3-4 characters compared to one with 20. It also helps with branding, since most popular brands tend to have short names. Some great examples are Amazon, Apple, Orange, Pepsi, etc.


2. Make it memorable

Another thing to consider when you come up with an online business name is to make it memorable. It’s essential to have a name that people can remember quickly, without overthinking. If you can associate it with a great logo, it will make things even better, so keep that in mind.


3. Uniqueness

You don’t want to copy an existing brand name or spin it a bit. Ideally, you want to focus on coming up with something fresh and fun. It helps a lot, it conveys an excellent experience, and the results can be second to none every time.


4. Domain availability

When you pick an online business name, the adjacent domain needs to be available. In case you don’t want to invest in a domain name right now, Lifeboat offers you a free domain name with every subscription. This way, you can still have the right domain name and ensure that you get excellent results.


5. Make sure that the name you chose conveys some meaning

While you can try to get a name with a random meaning, ideally, you want to have a business name related to your industry. It will connect with your users a lot more, and the return on investment is a lot better because of that.


6. Get feedback

This is important because other people can be objective and let you know if it’s a good name or not. It will take a little bit of time to implement everything the way you want, so try to consider that. That’s what will give you a good insight into figuring out whether that business name is a good one or not.



We recommend you take your time and find the right business name that matches your vision and ideas. This is not something you should come up with in just a few minutes. If you want to create a serious brand, then a lot of time and effort has to go into making a powerful brand, expanding its reach, and truly pushing the idea to new heights. It will take a bit of time to get it right, but in the end, you will create a brand that you are proud of!

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