5 Social Trends in 2021

Our society is definitely changing, how do we adapt our marketing strategies to capitalise on new trends?

2021 is set to be an amazing year in terms of growth for the brands that take advantage of these new social trends.


build lasting relationships

1. Build lasting relationships

Everyone has been forced into some form of a bubble system and now we're accustomed to it. This has left the vast majority of society scared of mingling and trying out new things. If you're a new business, this is a nightmare come true as now the trust level is at an all-time low. Acquisition cost has gone through the roof. 

However, there is a bright side. Any new customers in 2021, are much more likely to stay on longer retainers. Simply put, you need to go above and beyond to HELP your customers and ensure a place in their social bubble. If you manage to do this, you've secured a loyal customer more than ever before.


2. Pay it forward

Yes I know, we're still in the mists of a pandemic and financially you're not in the greatest shape, but the best piece of marketing you can do this year is to help others.

We've all seen and heard; "Frontliners, our heroes!" and we empathize with such statements because we understand the sacrifices they are doing to protect the rest of us. This sense of pride in supporting our front-liners can be applied to business too. 

If you support your local community, the local community will be much more inclined in supporting you.


3. Look out for new opportunities

2021 is not the best time to explore new verticals. It is however a perfect time to position yourself as the brand of choice. 

Unfortunately, many businesses have found themselves on the brink of bankruptcy and were forced to shut down. Many niches that were once overcrowded have dwindled to a handful of companies, so take this time to take stock of the market. New gaps in the market may have emerged.

Look at your competition, are they ramping up marketing in a specific vertical? That is a clear sign that opportunities might have opened up.

Are your suppliers asking you to commit to larger orders? Again, that is a clear sign that competition has dwindled.


social distance hug

4. Socialize, Socialize and Socialize some more

Ok, let's be clear, this doesn't mean to go out with everyone and their dog, we are still in a pandemic after all. 

When we say socialize, we mean social media. Social media has been a big part of business growth for some time however, there has never been a better time to invest in your socials.

Since 2020 the use of social media has soared but, that's not all. We are now seeing a trend where more and more users are actually engaging with social content. Call it "The rise of the keyboard warrior". This increased engagement has an exponential effect on the reach of your posts. Put it simply, 1 additional comment might increase your overall reach by up to 5% and it keeps growing! 



We mean it! Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Google Search... Any social platform that exists, you HAVE to be part of it and generate content more than ever before. During 2020, there was a surge in new users across all platforms due to social distancing laws. This means that your audience is now consuming content from many different sources. It will be a while until everyone falls back to a few select platforms, so for the time being make sure you're engaging with leads and customers everywhere.


What do you think of these social trends? Will they affect how you price and market your products? Will you be expanding your operations?

Let us know in the comments below.


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