Lifeboat x Skrill

We’ve integrated with Skrill to provide you with over 100 local payment methods in more than 40 currencies.

It's finally here! As many have been asking for more payment options, we've integrated with Skrill to provide you with more than 100 local payment methods in over 40 currencies!

Skrill is renowned worldwide for being one of the most reliable payment providers, with millions of customers already using and loving their services. So it was a no-brainer for us to integrate with such a brand. Using an e-wallet technology Skrill provides merchants with competitive transaction fees on hundreds of payment methods, whilst offering stellar customer service (we can confidently vouch for this).


How does it work for my customers?

  1. Once a customer is on the checkout page, they are presented with various payment options (which you have specified).
  2. If the customer would like to pay using a payment method support by Skrill, they are automatically redirected to Skrill's secure payment page to complete the payment*.
  3. Once payment has been completed, the customer is automatically redirected back to the payment confirmation page on your online store.

* The Skrill payment page is automatically branded with your store logo.



When can I start using Skrill on my Lifeboat store?

The integration is available in beta right now. We plan to release official support by the end of July 2021.


How can I start accepting payments through Skrill?

It's easy.

  1. Create a Skrill merchant account
  2. Login to your Lifeboat Admin Interface
  3. Navigate to Integrations
  4. Fill in the provided form
  5. Navigated to Store > Payment Methods
  6. Specify the payment methods you'd like to support via Skrill

Documentation can be found at:


Are all the payment methods available in Skrill available in Lifeboat?

Yes. This is a full integration. All payment methods currently supported by Skrill are also available to use in Lifeboat.


Are there additional fees/costs related to using Skrill?

None whatsoever. This integration is available to use by all Lifeboat merchants, and we do not charge any additional fees for using it. We encourage you to use Skrill's as your payment provider to benefit from very advantageous rates.


When should I contact Lifeboat/Skrill support?

Over the last couple of months we've developed a very good relationship with Skrill, and we can assure you that their customer support is exceptional. However, the responsibility of processing payment has been very clearly defined;

  • If you encounter any issue related to checkout (whilst on a Lifeboat site); Contact Lifeboat support.
  • If you run into any issues related to the processing of payments, please refer to Skrill's customer support



Here at Lifeboat, we are committed to providing you with features, and services to grow your business. This integration with Skrill is one more feature delivering on this promise, and we can't be happier to have worked with such incredible people.

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