Lifeboat Store: Getting Started

Before we start

When you first create your Lifeboat store, the site will be blank. In the following steps, we'll go over on how to get the basic setup, so that you can start receiving orders and most importantly. Get paid!
Make sure to always save your changes after every step.


Quick Start Guide


1. Basic Settings

1.1 Creating your Main Menu

Head to Store Settings > Menus and;

  1. Click on "+ Add Menu"
  2. Give your menu a "Title".
    The menu name can be anything you prefer. This will not be visible to your customers.
  3. Drag items from the section "Add Menu Item" to the section labelled "Drop menu items here", to add them to the menu.;
  4. Fill in the form that pops up with the relevant information.
  5. Click "SAVE"


1.2 Store Settings

Head to Store Settings and;

  1. Enter a "Store Name".
    The store name is used all across the site to represent your brand.
  2. Specify the "Currency" of your store.
    A Lifeboat store can only be in 1 currency, so choose this wisely. All your product listings and orders will be in this currency.
  3. Specify an email were to receive all orders and notifications in "Notifications Email".
    All the orders and other important notifications will be sent to this email. If not specified you won't be able to receive orders.
  4. Upload your "Brand Logo"
    Use .PNG files for the best results
  5. Select the "Main Menu" which you created in step 1.1
  6. Fill in your "Contact Details"


    Even though these fields are optional, we highly recommend to fill them in when possible, as they provide a high level of trust and could lead to increased sales.


1.3 Branding

Go to Design and;

  1. Click on Customise
  2. Select your Primary and Secondary accent colours to match your brand
  3. Upload a Home Banner image


    The options referred to here may vary if you're not using the default Lifeboat theme.


Taxes & Shipping

2.1 Creating Tax Codes

Go to Store Settings > Tax Codes. You'll see that your store, only has one Tax Code available, "Tax Exempt" which will apply 0% tax to your orders. To specify more tax rates, click on; "+ TAX CODE" and;

  1. Give the Tax Code a meaningful name such as; "EU Trade 18%" in "Name".
  2. Specify the default percentage to apply in "Tax %".


    This should be the default percentage, should be applicable to any product using this code, when purchased from anywhere in the world.

  3. Click "SAVE".


2.2 Setting up Shipping

Shipping is a vast subject when it comes to online commerce. In this guide, we'll go over the basics of shipping.

2.2.1 Delivery Zones

Delivery Zones are used to determine, which areas your online store fulfils orders to, and how each zone's shipping cost should be calculated. Head on to Shipping > Delivery Zones and click on "+ ADD DELIVERY ZONE".

  1. Specify a "Zone Name".
  2. Specify the "Zones" which make up this Delivery Zone.
  3. Optionally; Specify a "Handling Fee".
    This fee will be applied ONCE to every order shipping to this Delivery Zone.
  4. Click "SAVE".


2.2.2 Shipping Classes

Shipping classes group certain products together, into a pre-defined class as to calculated shipping cost in your online store. Go to Shipping Classes and click on "+ ADD SHIPPING CLASS".

  1. Give your Shipping Class a meaningful name such as; "Lightweight Package".
  2. Optionally: Specify a "Base Fee".
    If specified, this fee will be applied to each product that uses this Shipping Class during the checkout of your Lifeboat store.
  3. Click on "+ ADD SHIPPING OPTION" to specify more targeted shipping pricing.


    At least one Shipping Option should be configured for checkout to be possible.

    1. Select a "Shipping Provider".
      If you don't find the provider that you're using go to; Shipping > Providers.
    2. Select a "Delivery Zone".
      This is where this Shipping Class can ship to when using the selected Shipping Provider.
    3. Specify a "Fee" (can be left blank if offering free shipping).
      Each product using this Shipping Class, in the specified Delivery Zone, fulfilled by the selected Provider will incur this fee.


3. Products

From the Products section, click on "+ Add Product" and;

  1. Fill in a "Title" for your product.
    This title will be used all over your site to represent this product. It should clearly showcase what the product is without being too long.
  2. OPTIONAL: Add a short summary of your product.
  3. Specify the pricing of your product;
    1. Enter the retail price of your product in the "Price" field.


      Prices should be exclusive of any taxes, shipping or handling costs at this stage.

    2. Select the appropriate "Shipping Class" from the ones created in 2.2 Setting up Shipping.
    3. Select the "Tax Code" which should be charged for this product, from the ones created in 2.1 Creating Tax Codes.
    4. OPTIONAL: Toggle "Track Stock" to keep track of this product's inventory within your Lifeboat store.
  4. Click "SAVE".


For more information about products refer to the products documentation.


4. Getting Paid

4.1 Setup PayPal payments

  1. Enable the PayPal Integration
  2. Go to Store > Payment Methods
  3. Click on PayPal
  4. Select PayPal
  5. Click on Enable payment method
  6. Click Save.


4.2 Setup Credit Card payments

  1. Enable the Stripe Integration.
  2. Go to Store > Payment Methods
  3. Click on Card
  4. Select Stripe
  5. Click on Enable payment method
  6. Click Save.


5. Putting your Lifeboat Store Live!

5.1 Linking your social media accounts

Linking your social media accounts to your Lifeboat store gives your customers additional peace of mind that, they are on the correct brand. It also provides a better user experience for your customers to follow you.

To get started go to Store> Social Profiles and click on "+ Social Profile".

  1. From the "Platform" drop-down select which account you're adding.
    If you don't find the site you're trying to add, send an email to [email protected], so we can issue it in the next release.
  2. Enter the public "URL" of your profile or landing page for the selected account.


    In many platforms, when you're viewing your account, you have a special admin link in the address bar. Make sure to use the public one here instead.


5.2 GO LIVE!



Your Lifeboat online shop is now fully setup and ready to start receiving orders!

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