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Build, Run, and Grow your Tool Shop
Sell Tools Online

Sell Tools online

Selling tools online has never been easier. With Lifeboat, you can start and grow your online tool store and bring it in front of a global audience. There are a variety of tools you can start selling, and with the right approach and solutions, you can make it work in no time.


Inventory Tracking

Knowing what items are available and which ones are out of stock (or close to that) can help you ensure you have a reliable way of fulfilling orders. Inventory tracking can be very valuable in a business with thousands of items in stock. In Lifeboat, you can also schedule to receive regular updates on your stock levels, or get notified when an item is running out.


Seamless Checkout

Everyone wants to complete a purchase as quickly as possible. This is why having a seamless checkout is so important. The fewer steps you have during the checkout process, the more conversions you'll get. With Lifeboat your checkout is automatically optimised to maximise conversions, with hundreds of payment methods available and optimised for mobile devices.


Unlimited Products

With Lifeboat, there is no limit to how many products you can have on your online store. Adding a new product to your store takes just a few seconds, and it's instantly available for purchase. A good rule of thumb is to start with just a few products and then slowly increase your inventory.


Product Reviews

Lifeboat also allows you to receive product reviews on your online store. This way people get to know the experience others had with your tools. It’s a simple and efficient way to social proof your store, and that can substantially increase sales.

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Why should you sell tools online?
Everyone needs tools to complete tasks within their home or business, meaning market demands will always be high. Making your tools available online will ensure you may reach customers anywhere they are in the world.
How many tools can you sell?
Lifeboat allows you to add and sell an unlimited amount of products. So if you're a new brand selling a handful of tools, or a large scale retailer with hundreds of thousands of items, Lifeboat can help you grow online.
How can you ship your tools?
It’s important to have a shipping company that can deliver your products wherever your customers need them. We recommend choosing established brands. In Lifeboat you may use any shipping provider, the system will take care of charging the right amount based on the order's destination, and order size.
Can you customize your tool store?
Yes, Lifeboat makes it extremely easy to customize your online store and everything in it. No two stores are the same, which is great because you get to make it distinct, appealing and interesting. It’s certainly something to take into consideration when you want to sell tools online!
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