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Build, Run, and Grow your electronics store
Sell Electronics Online

Sell Electronics Online

You can easily sell electronics online and boost your growth with a platform like Lifeboat. With help from our platform, it’s easier than ever to sell these products and ensure customer satisfaction. With Lifeboat, you also get access to a digital marketing powerhouse, enabling you to quickly grow your business.


Beautiful Designs Inside

Lifeboat offers multiple beautifully designed themes, for free. Helping you to enrich your customer experience and increase user engagement by offering a delightful shopping experience. All the designs are also optimised for mobile devices.


Easy to Use

Lifeboat is one of the easiest to use content management systems online. Design your site with drag and drop options, customise the look and feel through various customisation options, and grow online with automated tools to boost online visibility.


Discounts & Loyalty

What better way to generate repeat customers, other than offering a reward program? With Lifeboat, you may offer discounts and loyalty points on your online store. Encouraging customers to come back and buy again. Discounts and Loyalty points can be easily customised to fit your brand.


Stock Tracking

With thousands of items coming in and being sold daily, keeping track of your stock is essential when running an online store. Lifeboat makes it easy with advanced stock control features, and automated profit & loss calculations.

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A versatile two tone theme that can be used for a wide range of product categories.

Learn more about selling electronics online
What's the best way to sell electronics online?
You may use a platform such as Lifeboat. Lifeboat makes the process simple. Once you decide what electronics you want to sell, and at what price point, you can quickly upload images, descriptions, and more. After you've created your products, simply select how you'd like to get paid, and how your items will be delivered, and go online.
Why should you sell electronics online?
The electronics market has been growing for the past 10 years and is showing no signs of slowing down, making it a great option if you're looking to start an online retail business. Electronics consumers are also typically tech-savvy meaning it's more likely to generate online sales compared to other industries.
How do I price my items?
First, calculate your cost of acquisition of the products, and taxes that need to be applied. Once you've figured that out, add your profit margin. We recommend looking at competitor sites to choose the correct profit margin. Shipping and delivery pricing can be considered at a later stage, as the customer will pay for that separately.
What type of electronics should you sell?
Gadgets are very common, so that’s something to take into consideration here. Aside from that, smaller or even larger electronics are always an option. The idea is to take your time and study the market. A good combination of electronic products is usually the right way to go!
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