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Retail your cosmetics, beauty, and self-care products online, and leverage the power of Lifeboat to create an online shop and distribute through multiple marketplaces.

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Build, Run, and Grow your Cosmetics Brand
Sell cosmetics online

Sell Cosmetics, Beauty & Self-care Products online

Selling cosmetics and beauty products has never been easier. With Lifeboat, you can start and grow your online shop and bring it in front of a global audience. There is a variety of cosmetics you can start selling, and with the right approach and solutions, you can make it work in no time.


Product Variants

Beauty products came in many shapes, colours, and sizes. With Lifeboat, you can easily configure this through the use of variants. Meaning the same product information can be used for multiple items, and the minor variations applied where necessary. Reducing the time needed to manage your stock, allowing you to focus on growing your online business.


Seamless Checkout

Everyone wants to complete a purchase as quickly as possible. This is why having a seamless checkout is so important. The fewer steps you have during the checkout process, the more conversions you'll get. With Lifeboat your checkout is automatically optimised to maximise conversions, with hundreds of payment methods available and optimised for mobile devices.


Product Reviews

Reviews can make or break a cosmetics business. This is why in Lifeboat your customers can leave product reviews, the system will automatically tag "verified purchases", and you can also check each review before it goes live on the site.


SEO Optimised

The cosmetics business is a $350+ billion industry, and competition is fierce. Lifeboat automatically optimised your online store to make sure you can compete with brands of any size online. Lifeboat online shops come with automated enhanced google listings, speedy page loads, and much more.

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Discover some of our example sites to sell cosmetics, beauty and self-care products online.

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A modern theme, using high contrast colours, and supports video.

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A theme that brings the soul of e-commerce to live. Charm is designed to be used by merchants looking to leave a lasting impression.

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