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Build, Run, and Grow your online household brand
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Lifeboat makes it easy to build your household goods brand.

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Keep track of your stock

With thousands of items coming in and being sold daily, keeping track of your stock is essential when running an online store. Lifeboat makes it easy with advanced stock control features, and automated profit & loss calculations.


Picture Perfect

Present your items in the best possible way using images, videos, technical specifications, and more. All of this and more can be done easily when using the Lifeboat online store platform.


Reach Everyone

Post your items on your online store, social media, third-party marketplaces and more to reach customers globally. With Lifeboat's sales channel feature, your products will be automatically listed and kept updated on all the marketplaces of your choice.


Made to measure

Specify all your product variants, size, colour, material... All automatically optimised for your online store and third-party marketplaces, with Lifeboat you get your online store up and running in no time.

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Discover how your online furniture store might look like

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Cability Learn More

A theme with a darker colour scheme perfect for retail of furniture & cosmetics.

Poline Learn More

The Poline theme is optimal for retail of plants, flowers, and related products.

Learn more about selling household goods online
How do I sell furniture and household goods online?
You can sell your items online by launching an e-commerce store using a platform like Lifeboat. Determine which items you'd like to sell, and list them on your website. Setup payment methods options for your customers to use, and finally fulfil orders using your preferred delivery method or through local pickup.
What's the best way to sell household items online?
The best site to sell your household items online is through your own online store using a tool like Lifeboat. Lifeboat enables you to create your e-commerce store to generate online sales, track your inventory, and stay in touch with your customers through various CRM options.
Can I offer free discounts and offers?
Yes, with Lifeboat you can easily create offers and discounts using a combination of criteria to increase online sales.
Can I easily import/export my products?
Yes with Lifeboat you can import all your products using either a CSV file or directly from Google Drive. You can also export all your product information to use on third-party marketplaces or anything you see fit. All export information is done in CSV.
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