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Retail your clothes, merchandise, and everything in between through your very own online store, and leverage the power of Lifeboat to distribute through multiple marketplaces.

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Start, Run, and Grow your online clothing business

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Sell designer, branded, vintage, and everything in between

Lifeboat makes it easy to sell clothes, shoes, and accessories online.

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Access thousands of free articles, videos, webinars, and more to help you set up, launch, and build your brand online. Our support agents are also there for you, whenever you need inspiration, assistance, or anything in between.


Easy to Use

Lifeboat is one of the easiest to use content management systems online. Design your site with drag and drop options, customise the look and feel through various customisation options, and grow online with automated tools to boost online visibility.


Marketing Simplified

Your Lifeboat online shop comes ready to scale online through automated SEO features, advanced marketing options, and even the ability to sell your products on various marketplaces all through one back-office.


Discounts & Loyalty

Entice your customers to come back to your online shop through various discount options. Generate recurring revenue by enabling your customers to earn loyalty points towards your store.

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Discover some of our example sites to sell clothes, accessories, vintage clothes and anything in between.

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Donald Learn More

A theme designed for high volume merchants.

Showcase Learn More

A popular retail mainly focused towards retail of clothing and cosmetics.

Popcuest Learn More

A Light colour based theme which is suitable for shops with numerous collections.

Runner Learn More

Runner is a theme with dark accents, and a statement design. Perfect for retail of sporting goods.

Learn more about selling clothes online
How do I start selling my clothes online?
You can sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories online by launching an e-commerce store using a platform like Lifeboat. Determine which items you'd like to sell, and list them on your website. Setup payment methods options for your customers to use, and finally fulfil orders using your preferred delivery method or through local pickup.
What is the best site to sell clothes on?
The best site to sell your clothes on is Lifeboat. Lifeboat enables you to create your e-commerce store to generate online sales, and also enables you to connect your inventory to multiple marketplaces to further increase your reach and sales.
How do I price my clothes online?
To price your products, calculate the total cost to acquire the goods; Wholesale value, transportation, warehousing, etc... and add your profit margin. When pricing your clothes online you should focus on the gross price, as taxes and fulfilment costs are typically paid by your customer based on how your online shop is set up.
Can I sell other items?
Yes, with Lifeboat you can sell anything online, as long it's legal to do so in your country, and regions you're shipping to.
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line of business? See how Lifeboat can help you start, run, and grow your business. No matter what you sell.
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