The single most powerful way to attract repeat customers is through a loyalty program. Customers are rewarded for performing certain tasks on your site and then encouraged to come back, to receive discounts and special prices.


The dashboard

To configure and monitor active points visit Discounts > Loyalty. From here you can manage everything related to the loyalty system.


Getting Started

The first step is to enable the loyalty system;

  1. Click on Enable Loyalty System
  2. Click Save 

You may choose to brand your points by specifying a name in Name, under Enable Loyalty System.


Assigning Points

A set of default values have been provided for you to quickly get started, however, you change the number of points each customer should get for performing a certain action;

  • For Registering - A one time reward when a customer creates an account on your store
  • For Subscribing - A one time reward when a customer subscribes to your mailing list
  • Per Review - Rewarded every time a user leaves a review (user needs to be logged in)
  • Per Order - Rewarded every time a customer makes an order (user needs to be logged in)
  • Per Purchase - Rewarded for every unit of currency spent on your store (user needs to be logged in) - Example: for every €1 spent
  • On Birthday - Rewarded on the customer's birthday (user has to specify birthday in their account)
  • On Account Anniversary - Rewarded every year on the date the account was created

If you would like to NOT give points for certain actions, simply specify the points amount to 0.


Loyalty Points

Every time points are rewarded or deducted from a customer, it's logged in the loyalty system dashboard under Points Log.

Point Adjustments

Sometimes there might be the need to manually adjust a customer's points count. To do so;

  1. Click on Add Entry
  2. Select the Customer
  3. Enter the Points amount to adjust
  4. Click Add


Loyalty based Discounts

Once a customer has accumulated enough points they might want to redeem such points towards rewards in your store.

  1. Go to the Discounts dashboard
  2. Click on Add Discount
  3. Configure your discount name & value (see the manual here)
  4. Under Minimum Requirement select Loyalty
  5. Specify the number of points this discount costs
  6. Click Save

Now, the next time customers make an order in your store, they will be given out this discount if they have enough points.


If the option Loyalty Points is not available under Minimum Requirements, it's because the loyalty system is not enabled.


The checkout

If you have the loyalty system enabled, the checkout includes the number of points that will be awarded on completing that order.

Loyalty Points - Checkout Preview

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