Facebook Messenger Integration

Chances are that you have a Facebook page about your business, and if you don't you should really consider creating one. Wouldn't it be great if people could simply contact you via Facebook without ever leaving your website? That's where the Facebook messenger integrations come into play. Simply follow the steps below, and a chat widget will be added to every page of your site. Once your customer message you through this widget, you will receive the message via Facebook.



  • You need to have a Facebook page
    A personal profile is not enough for this integration
  • Your website domain is whitelisted in the Facebook messenger settings


How to whitelist your domain in Facebook messenger

  1. Open your Facebook page
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Advanced Messaging
  4. Under the section labeled Whitelisted Domains enter your full home page URL, for example, https://www.mystore.com

For the official documentation visit: Whitelisting your domain


Setting up the integration

  1. Open Lifeboat Admin > Integrations
  2. Click configure in the Facebook Messenger card
  3. Check the box labeled Enable
  4. Click on Connect Page
    FB Integration - Connect Page button
  5. Go through the permissions process
    If you have multiple pages, make sure to select the page you want to use for messaging. The rest don't need to be connected.
  6. Click Save


Additional Settings

If you'd like to customise the look and feel of the chat on your website, you can change;


Color Theme

This changes the colour of your chat window and button.
Always use a colour that has a high contrast with white.


Greeting Message

A message that is sent automatically to your customers when they interact with your chat.


Display Dialog

This setting determines how the chat window behaves when the customer first sees it.


Dialog Delay (in seconds)

If you're automatically displaying the dialog box, as per the Display Dialog setting, this setting determines how long to wait until the dialog box shows on screen.

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