Global Payments Webpay

GP WebPay is the most widely used payment gateway in Czech e-shops. It meets the strictest security requirements of MasterCard, VISA and American Express.



This integration only supports the following currencies; EUR, USD, GBP, CZK, PLN, HUF & LVL. If your store is set to use any other currency you will not be able to enable this integration.


Setting up your GP WebPay Account

Before you can use this integration, you need to have an active and verified GP WebPay account. Apart from that, you'll need to set up a private key and password combination and assign it to your store.

  1. Creating a private key & password:

    1. Login to your GP WebPay account
    2. Click on Key Management
    3. Click on Create
    4. Specify a Password
    5. Click CreateGP WebPay - Create Private Key

  2. Save your private key

    Once your private key is created it will be downloaded to your device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc...). Keep this file handy as we'll need it in the next steps.

  3. Attach your private key to your store

    1. From the Key Management, interface click on the Key icon next to your store name
       GP Webpay - Key icon 

    2. A section will become visible, click on INSERT
    3. Enter the following settings:
      1. Validity - Permanently
      2. Private Key - The key file you downloaded in step 2
      3. Private key password - The password specified in step 1.4
    4. Click Insert
      GP Webpay - Attach private key

      At this point, the lock icon should turn green. If it doesn't please contact GP Webpay support.



Setting up in the Integration

  1. Open your Lifeboat Admin > Integrations
  2. Click on GlobalPayments
  3. Click on Enable Integration
  4. Enter the Merchant Number (this is the number shown E-shops in the GP WebPay dashboard)
  5. Enter the Private Key password (specified in step 1.4)
  6. Upload your Private Key (downloaded in step 2)
  7. Click Save



You also need to enable the Payment Method in Settings > Payment Methods to be able to accept payments via GP WebPay.

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