Google Analytics Integration

Data is essential, data tells us what pages are performing best, what needs improvement, where our revenue is coming from, and so much more. For this reason, Lifeboat supports the Google Analytics integration. Google Analytics is the most commonly used analytics platform and gives us a very granular preview of what's happening on our website.

Through this integration, all the data is collected automatically, simply follow the tutorial below, and your data will automatically populate in your Google Analytics dashboard.



With Google Analytics integration your Lifeboat online shop will;

  • Add the Google Analytics snippet to every page
    Without the need to add or modify any code
  • Track page views, sessions, users, viewed products, ...
  • Track all the steps in the checkout process
  • Track completed orders
  • Track search results
  • Track when related products are shown



You need to have a Google Analytics V4 site setup. To do this;

  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. Follow the steps in the guide to create a site; Adding a site in GA
    1. Click on Admin
    2. In the ACCOUNT column, select + Create Account from the menu.
    3. Click Web site
    4. Complete the setup


Getting the Measurement ID

To be able to integrate with Google Analytics, Lifeboat will need to know what is your measurement id, to do this;

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics Admin
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on Data Stream
  4. Click on your web site's Data Stream
  5. Copy the Measurement ID


Setting up in the Integration

Preview of the Google Integration interface

  1. Open your Lifeboat Admin > Integrations
  2. Click Configure in the Google Analytics card
  3. Check the box labelled Enable
  4. Paste your GA Measurement ID in the field labelled Measurement ID
  5. Click Save



This integration only works with Google Analytics V4. If you're using an older version of GA, please update to V4.

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