Collections interface can be accessed from Products > Collections


Collections allow you to organise your products into meaningful groups; to better organise how the products are displayed on your online shop, manage discounts more efficiently and more. 


Creating a collection

  1. Open Products > Collections
  2. Click on + Add Collection
  3. Enter a Collection Name
  4. Enter a Description
  5. Upload an Image
    Consult with your theme documentation for the best image size
  6. From the Products section, select the products which belong to this collection
  7. Click Save


Editing a collection

  1. Open Products > Collections
  2. Click on the collection you'd like to edit
  3. Update the fields necessary
  4. Click Save


Deleting a collection


Deleting a collection might change the behavior of active discounts and the layout of your online shop


  1. Open Products > Collections
  2. Click on the Trash Can  icon next to the collection you'd like to delete
  3. confirmation popup will show up
  4. Click on Yes, Delete to delete or No, Keep to cancel the operation

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