Product Types

Product Types interface can be accessed from: Products > Product Types


Product Types allow you to categorise your products by their type, example: Clothing, Beverage, Gadget, etc... 


Creating a product type

  1. Open Products > Product Types
  2. Click on + Add Product Type
  3. Enter a Type
  4. Click Add


Assigning a product type to a product

  1. Open Products
  2. Click on the product you want to assign the product type to
  3. From the organisation section click on Type to expand the selection
  4. Click on the product type you want to choose
  5. Click Save


Deleting a product type 

  1. Open Products > Product Types
  2. Click on the Trash Can trash can icon icon next to the product type you'd like to delete
  3. confirmation popup will show up
  4. Click on Yes, Delete to delete or No, Keep to cancel the operation
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