Product Search Filters & Search Data

Search Filters is a feature in Lifeboat where you can create advanced search functionality in your online store, enabling your customers to find the exact product they are looking for.

Search Filters Preview

To access Search Filters visit Products > Search Filters in the Lifeboat Admin Interface.


Types of Search Filters

There are two main types of Search Filters, "Text" and "Color". The "Color" search filter is sometimes used as a colour swatch in the themes, whilst the "text" based filters can be used as either exact match or partial match.



The Search Filters breaks down into 3 main aspects;
Search Filter Name - The name of this filter (example: Size, Fit, Shape, Material, Colour...)
Label - An internal name of the search data (example: Blue, Red, Wood, Metal...)
Value - The value your customers use to search with (example: Solid Wood, Shiny Metal, Matte...)


Creating a Search Filter

  1. Go to Products > Search Filters
  2. Click on Add Search Filter
  3. Enter the name of your Search Filter
  4. Click on Add Option to add all the options relevant to this search filter
  5. Enter a Label and Value for each Search Filter
  6. Click Save

 Preview of Lifeboat Product Search Filter


Setting up Search Data

  1. Go to Products
  2. Open the Product you'd like to add Search Filters to
  3. Scroll down to the section labelled Search Data
  4. Select the Search Data that applies to this product
  5. Click Save

Lifeboat Product Search Data preview


Updating Search Filters

  1. Go to Products > Search Filters
  2. Click on the Search Filter you need to update
  3. Update the Search Filter
  4. Click Save


If you update a Search Filter it might affect products that are using this particular Search Filter.


Deleting a Search Filter

  1. Go to Products > Search Filters
  2. Click on the bin icon next to the Search Filter you want to delete
  3. Confirm you decision



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