Stock Control

The Stock Control interface can be accessed from Products > Stock Control

The stock control feature allows you to keep an eye on all your inventory, and receive notifications whenever stock levels reach a certain amount. You may also set up to receive periodic stock reports via email.


Tracking Stock Levels

Before you can use the stock control interface, you need to have products that have stock tracking enabled. To do this;

  1. Go to Products
  2. Open the products you want to track
  3. Enable Track Stock under Stock Management
  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all the products you want to track

It is advised to also specify the Cost of Goods on your products so that Lifeboat can provide you with more detailed information about your stock.

Preview of Lifeboat product using cost of good and stock tracking


Understanding the stock report

In Lifeboat's stock report dashboard, you'll find various values and other information about your inventory.

  • Stock Units - The total amount of items you have in stock
  • Stock Value - The total monetary value of your current stock
  • Potential Resell Value - The maximum amount of money you may receive from selling all your tracked inventory
  • Potential Return - The total cost of your current inventory subtracted from the potential resell value
  • Inventory - All the products that have stock tracking enabled


Inventory Card

Each product that has stock tracking enabled will be shown under the Inventory section with the following information;

  • SKU - The unique stock id of the product/variant
  • Name - The name of product/variant
  • Stock - The amount of this item currently available
  • Sold - The total sold amount of this item
  • Committed - The amount of this item that has been sold but not yet delivered
  • Delivered - The amount of this item that has been sold and delivered


Exporting a stock report

If you'd like to download a full list of your inventory to use with other software, you may do so by clicking on Download Report from the Stock Control dashboard.


Setting up a stock warning level

The stock warning level is the amount at which point notification is sent to your email when an item reaches a certain stock level.

  1. Open Products > Stock Control
  2. Click on Notify me about stock levels
  3. Specify the minimum stock you want to be notified at in Stock Level Warning
  4. Click Update Settings


Setting up recurring stock reports

If you'd like to receive a periodic report of your inventory;

  1. Open Products > Stock Control
  2. Click on Send me regular stock reports
  3. Specify the Report Frequency
  4. Click Update Settings

The stock report will be sent to the email address specified on Store Settings > Notifications Email

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